How Long Will A Realistic Sex Doll Last?

Going back to your childhood, did your parents teach you to always return your toys after you play? Sometimes, you are asked to store it back in your cabinet and drawers. That’s because your parents are trying to teach you how to organize things and maintain cleanliness by returning it to its storage. In the same way, being tidy of your toys and belongings will prolong its lifespan, avoiding other damages.

By instilling this kind of behavior, you are able to adopt it when you grow old. Having a sex doll isn’t much of a difference as having a regular toy. Keeping it in a neat and orderly manner through proper handling and storage will prolong the life of your love dolls. Despite how durable love dolls are made, proper storage has a crucial role against wear and tear.

How To Store Your Realistic Sex Doll

There are a lot of ways on how to properly store your realistic sex dolls. Most are probably included in the manual of the doll so it’s always safe to read your love doll’s manual the moment it arrived at your door or read it again and again once in awhile to remind yourself.

Fortunately, all sex dolls whether it’s made of silicone or TPE are all made of durable materials. However, improper handling and storage might affect the appearance or durability of the love doll. It only means that even durable sex dolls are not exempted from a careless doll owners. When storing your love doll, you also need to consider the size of the cabinet or room.

There are now customized cabinets that can do the trick. Since your love doll is typically almost as big as you, most of the struggle is making is how to store it.

Ways On Storing Your Lovely Doll

 Generally, love dolls can last up to 2 to 10 years from the date of purchase. Unless you don’t often make love with your sex doll, it’s safe to assume that it will take more than 10 years or so.

Hanging In The Closet – This is perhaps the best way on storing your love doll.

Laying It Next To You In Bed – This might stir some arguments with your partner because if they are unaware, they will honestly mistaken it for as the third wheel in the love triangle.

Sitting Position – This is also effective. You can let it sit on your bedroom sofa or at the edge of your bed.

Can You Get Into Legal Trouble For Having A Sex Doll?

A lot of people have sex dolls in their homes. Each individual has their own purpose for having one. However, some are hesitant and apprehensive when it comes to owning a sex doll. They thought that it might lead them to trouble legally. But will you really get into legal trouble for owning a sex doll? Here are the answers to clear things between sex dolls and the law.

Sex dolls are legal items

Sex dolls are items and not human beings. They may look precisely human and feel like one, but they are not living organisms or exotic pets that would require a permit to own. They can be legally owned by anyone as long as they are 18 years old and above. In fact, there are lots of sex doll brothels in most European and western countries. Sex dolls are not prohibited, limited, and restricted by law.

Since they are items, they can be manufactured, customized, and sold. Some companies have sex dolls for rent. Sex dolls do not possess material, chemical composition, and other illegal elements. In fact, the materials are perfectly designed to match the human skin, so they are not harmful.

Sex dolls are delivered and owned discreetly

The fact that sex dolls not illegal because no one will know you have a sex doll. It’s not disturbing or offensive to others, especially those who have little children in their neighbors. Sex doll companies would deliver their sex dolls in many different ways that are discreet and private.

They can deliver sex dolls right at your doorstep in a discreet box or a package that might look like a piece of luggage or a golf bag. So no one will know what is inside the package or even suspect it to be something else.

You can choose your sex dolls to be delivered right at your door or any place you want. You can also choose to pick it up, and it will be packed in a discreet box for you.

Reasons or possibilities that you could get into legal trouble

The dolls must come from a licensed manufacturer that has the license to operate a business on such products. That might cause legal problems, but it’s on a particular and very rare case. The apparent issue between sex dolls and the law, if it’s a child sex doll or it looks like a child. It is illegal to have a child sex doll.

Why American Sex Dolls Are So Popular

Nowadays more and more people around the world are interested in using love dolls. There are a lot of varieties that you can find in every store. One of the most popular types would be American sex dolls. This is just one of the many love doll variations that are distributed throughout the globe.

Why did love dolls spread all over the world? Easy, it’s because they are sought out why many. The good news about this is there is more to come. Things like the role of artificial intelligence in love dolls have started to arise.

Is AI Beneficial To The Love Doll Industry?

American sex dolls are just one of the many love doll types that are specific to each country. Nowadays love dolls with AI are being used for a lot of activities, it also has become the norm in some countries. You can even find AI love doll hotels in places like Japan and Amsterdam.

Compared to hiring sex workers, love dolls have no possibility of having sexually transmitted diseases. According to some studies, men who are paying for sex risk themselves to using the services of illegal prostitution. With help from AI love dolls, a lot of things can change.

The Possibility Of AI Love Dolls Changing The Sex Industry

There’s no more problem for those who want to experience AI love dolls to find them. There are plenty of places that now offer these types of dolls rather than the usual. For curious people, you can also go to video websites to see how these AI dolls look or move.

Some of them even look so lifelike that it freaks out others. It’s a fairly new product on the market and many versions are coming out. It’s not only women love dolls that are marketed but men versions as well. AI tends to have a high adoption rate and the data in them can be translated to new movements and such.

The number of options for both men and women customers are endless. This is why no matter what type of love doll you get, you’re sure to get the qualifications that you want. This is a concept that not only is focused on a few countries but will be adapted to American dolls as well.

Look forward to things like calibrating the personality to suit your needs. Mobile integration is also possible and you can even use apps to control your AI love doll. 

Your Fit, Tight Sex Doll: Hit It Just Before She Goes To The Gym

Are you planning on buying a love doll? If so, then you need to know what you want. This is because there are plenty of varieties of love dolls to choose from. There are love dolls for those who prefer fit and tight sex dolls and there are love dolls for people who love curvy dolls and so on.

The market for love dolls has been steadily growing. more people from all over the globe’s looking for a lot more variety when it comes to love dolls. One of the most highly sought out are the realistic looking love dolls.

Choosing The Best Love Doll For You

When buying a love doll, choosing the fit and tight sex dolls is just one of the options that you can make. You can go for various elements to check off. Things like your budget, your preference, and your location are among the factors that can affect your love doll purchase.

When searching for silicone love dolls, you need to know that there are two types. There is the silicone types and the TPE dolls. Material is important especially when you have a budget and preference.

Another thing to consider is the internal skeleton of the love doll. It should be high quality, resistant, and modern.

Knowing Your Budget For Love Dolls

It matters that you know how much to spend for love dolls. There are those pricing at $8,00 to $10,000 for the silicone ones. The TPE types usually go around for $2,000. You don’t have to worry too much since whatever material it’s made from, you can still customize sex dolls on your own.

Every love doll company will let you choose the eyes, the hair color, the hair style, the skin color, and in some cases, the interactive functions that it has.

After deciding on the material and budget that you’re willing to spend, you will then need to choose the body type and the face of the love doll you wish to buy.

The Finishing Touches To The Love Doll You Want

Each love doll has a removable head which means you can replace them when you want to. There are also alternative heads available for a hundred dollars or more. This is why choosing the body is a more immediate decision.

Various measurements are available for love dolls. You can buy them in a range of sizes that are available in the market. Pick the right height and the body measurements and you’re good to go.

How To Bring A Sex Doll Into Your Relationship

Couples who wanted something for a change

Some couples wanted something thrilling for their sexual activity. Some couples would introduce another person into their sexual activity to give more thrill and excitement. They say it’s something for a change. They call it a threesome, which in most couples, would give them a different kind of sexual excitement.

Some are not comfortable with having another person but would want to try or have a bit of that threesome experience. Well, sex dolls are the perfect addition to the threesome that most couples wish to. But how can you do this, and how will you introduce this into your relationship? Here are some of the things you need to do.

Incorporate Sex doll in a relationship when the need arises

There are instances that couples and sex dolls need to work together due to the lack of sexual arousal. The male or female sex partner might have difficulty in arousing himself sexually, and the sex doll can be a solution to that. This would jumpstart their sexual intercourse to help them get to the road to climax.

Allow your partner to understand the role of sex dolls in your relationship

Sometimes all it needs is a little explanation. Same as when introducing every other type of sexual roleplay (for example femdom sissy fetish, threesome or any other similar thing), you need to explain to your sex partner that sex dolls are just tools to help enhance your sexual experience. There are sexual positions that you might have difficulty performing on a person but easier on a sex doll.

Also, it can enhance sexual activity by fulfilling one’s sexual fantasy through a sex doll. Having sex becomes more comfortable and exciting when a sexual fantasy is fulfilled. Your partner needs to understand this part so you can bring in sex dolls.

Sex dolls can be incorporated in a relationship if the other partner is incapable of performing sex

There are some instances that couples and sex dolls might work together perfectly if the other one is incapable of performing sex. It could be due to a temporary disease or disorder in their bodies. Therefore sex dolls are better substitutes or aid to fulfill one’s desire to have sex ultimately.

These love dolls have all the best features that make them look and feel like a real human being. The texture of the skin, vagina, mouth, and butt hole of these dolls feels like the real. Therefore they are perfect for simulating real sex with someone.