Can You Get Into Legal Trouble For Having A Sex Doll?

A lot of people have sex dolls in their homes. Each individual has their own purpose for having one. However, some are hesitant and apprehensive when it comes to owning a sex doll. They thought that it might lead them to trouble legally. But will you really get into legal trouble for owning a sex doll? Here are the answers to clear things between sex dolls and the law.

Sex dolls are legal items

Sex dolls are items and not human beings. They may look precisely human and feel like one, but they are not living organisms or exotic pets that would require a permit to own. They can be legally owned by anyone as long as they are 18 years old and above. In fact, there are lots of sex doll brothels in most European and western countries. Sex dolls are not prohibited, limited, and restricted by law.

Since they are items, they can be manufactured, customized, and sold. Some companies have sex dolls for rent. Sex dolls do not possess material, chemical composition, and other illegal elements. In fact, the materials are perfectly designed to match the human skin, so they are not harmful.

Sex dolls are delivered and owned discreetly

The fact that sex dolls not illegal because no one will know you have a sex doll. It’s not disturbing or offensive to others, especially those who have little children in their neighbors. Sex doll companies would deliver their sex dolls in many different ways that are discreet and private.

They can deliver sex dolls right at your doorstep in a discreet box or a package that might look like a piece of luggage or a golf bag. So no one will know what is inside the package or even suspect it to be something else.

You can choose your sex dolls to be delivered right at your door or any place you want. You can also choose to pick it up, and it will be packed in a discreet box for you.

Reasons or possibilities that you could get into legal trouble

The dolls must come from a licensed manufacturer that has the license to operate a business on such products. That might cause legal problems, but it’s on a particular and very rare case. The apparent issue between sex dolls and the law, if it’s a child sex doll or it looks like a child. It is illegal to have a child sex doll.