How The Realdoll Jumpstarted The Love Doll Industry

Sex dolls have been popular today because of the many satisfied users we have around the world. Popularity surged somewhere at the same time with cam2cam sex. When we think or talk about them, those who are familiar with the brand would immediately think about RealDolls. Its the company that had been creating sex dolls for many years. They have raised the popularity of sex dolls to the highest level.

Today the sex doll industries are up to the hype, and even though they would cost a thousand dollars or more, people would buy them. Some would also spend a little extra to get more features and the modification that they want. So who did the Realdoll jump started the love doll industry? Here are some of the few reasons for that.

Love dolls were realistically created

It’s not just a doll where you can have sex with and jerk off; it was also designed and carefully crafted to look and feel like a real person. Because of their realistic appearance, they become even more enticing and sexually stimulating. Looking at its beautiful face and sexy body can sexually arouse anyone.

They were created to function for sexual pleasure

Because its material was made from silicone or thermoplastic elastomer, it gives a real skin sensation. So when you touch it or rub your body into it, you’re like cuddling a real person. In fact, you can regulate their temperature to actual human body heat by placing a heater or a blanket.

The entry parts such as the vagina, the butthole, and the mouth have soft stimulating ridges that would make you feel like you are inside a real one. You can also place a heater (which comes as part of its accessories) in the vagina to simulate real body heat. Then boobs and the butt are soft and squishy, so they feel so real (especially when the boobs are bouncing).

Modifications and personalized designs really do a lot

Another thing that the Realdoll did was to allow their products to be dressed and modified to make it more sexually stimulating. You can dress a sex doll up according to your sexual fetish to arouse you completely.

Some sex doll companies today offer an even more intricate, detailed, and personalized design. You can request them to design you a doll that looks like the celebrity that you like or some girl that you had a crush on. They will do that for you with an extra charge, but it’s worth the price. Don’t worry, dolls coming right at your doorstep will be in a discreet package.